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Anytime is a perfect moment to give a present to your partner. The tiniest excuse is enough to make a great detail: propose to your loved one, a birthday, an important date, a time and significant moment in life… It does not matter when, it must be emphasized that this ring is a safe and everlasting gift: they do not go out of fashion and all its meaning makes this ring a unique piece.

Its symbolism…

alianzas columna copiaThey are a demonstration of love and there are thousand types of these rings: there are simpler, robust and more minimalistic ones but today we are going to focus on those, that carry diamonds. Thats why partnerships with diamonds make this a very special piece. It mixes two great concepts: the true meaning of love with one of the most beloved and beautiful stones.

The personalization of the ring

Each ring must adapt to every desire and need and for this reason Zapata Jewelers would like to guide you to make your perfect choice .A diamond is not a trend, it cannot go out of fashion. And while diamond rings can be made with one size or with combinations of different sizes, the most common is the bright, but also very common and lucid Princess or Baguette ring. Whatever will be, it is of excellent quality. You will find a wide selection to meet different requirements.

In Zapata Jewelers, all diamond rings have their own personality: they are crafted one by one and are forged into the traditional art of jewelry, a procedure through which we get parts with greater robustness and diversity in design. In short, personalized rings and unique feelings.

For Zapata Jewelers, diamond rings are a transmission of feelings.


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