imagesCAH1174CThe amethyst is a violet variety of quartz that grows in geodes, (spherical cavities filled with stones which are found in rocks). Its name comes from the Greek amethystos (not drunk) which was said ti be a strong antidote against drunkenness.

Its physical characteristics wall within the semiprecious stones and the color can be more or less intense depending on the existing amount of iron oxide.

Despite being very resistant to acids, the amethyst is very susceptible to heat, when submitted to temperatures above 300 C it changes its color either to yellow, orange or green.

It is the birthstone for those who are born in February or for those who have the zodiac sign Pisces.



imagesCAH1174CThe amethyst is one of the minerals whish is said to have the most popular healing powers: purified energy, releases mental blockages, balances the stress, anxiety, distress and fear.

It is said that to have am amethyst close to your bed helps to fall asleep, rest and feel peace.

Its soothing aspect helps against headaches, backache and also cleanses the blood, reduces bruising, injuries and swellings on the skin.

The high spiritual vibrations that are attached to the amethyst, help you to connect to the purest thoughts, facilitate or meditations to go deeper and to be more powerful, bringing back everything you have inside.

The Legend of the origin of the amethyst

The God Dionisio had sworn revenge as he was insulted by a human, his victim should be the next mortal being that crosses his way, three tigers would carry out his whish.

Amatista, a beautiful young maiden, on the way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana, was the victim of the anger of Dionisio.

In order to protect Amatista from the brutal claws of the tiger, the goddess Diana transformed them into a statue made of crystal quartz.

When Dionisio saw the beautiful statue, he mourned and cried tears of wine which gave the amethyst a purple stain and created this famous gem.

Amethyst Jewelry

161504781For the jewelry the most perfect amethysts are carved, the color qualified by the rose if France which is a light lilac or the Sibirian, which is of intensive violet with red flashes. You can find them in both silver and gold jewelry, along with diamonds or other wonderful gems that enhance the amethyst’s majestic beauty.


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7 comments on “AMETHYSY
  1. La amatista es una de las gemas más bellas, me encantaría poder tener un par de pendientes hechos con esta piedra

    • Zapata Joyeros says:

      Hola Horóscopo diario, existen muchos modelos de pendientes con amatistas, puedes encontrarlos en nuestra web. Un saludo

  2. Maria says:

    Me encanta la amatista, a parte este puede aportar muchas propiedades que la gente desconoce. Encontre esta web que habla de la amatista y de todas las propiedades que tiene.

    Muchas Gracias por la info!

  3. Veronica says:

    Excelente post! :)

    Mi mama me regalo un anillo que tenia una pequeña piedra de amatista :D

    Segun lei se la conoce como la piedra de la comprension.

    Tambien dice que supuestamente era una mujer que al rechazar a Dionisio, el Dios enojado la arroja a los tigres pero Artemisa la transforma en cristal para protegerla, luego Dionisio arrepentido vierte de su vino en el cristal dandole el color violeta.

  4. rafa says:

    La amatista es una de las piedras con más poder esoterico que hay, las joyas con la amatista estan presentes en todos los joyeros.

  5. Lorena says:

    Tengo una piedra grande,me la regalaron,quiero saber si es amatista y el valor q puede tener?me podran ayudar?

  6. Sarah says:

    Las piedras violetas son mágicas pero la amatista es la reina de todas ellas y con su leyenda clásica que mucha gente no conoce,

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