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Barcelona dresses up, it’s “la Merce” And it’s not only a festive day in the calender, it is a special occasion for Barcelona and area.

Fotografia toma de la web

Fotografia toma de la web

This party, which is considered the biggest party in Barcelona is celebrated every 24th september and first came to live in 1902. Because…who said that large and important cities wouldn’t have their own festivals? If we think of this concept, small nearby villages are coming to our mind but Barcelona, yes Barcelona itself has its own festival. On the day of the virgin of the Merce, our town dresses up to celebrate this significant day.

It is a party full of traditions and with over a century of history: giants, human towers, sardanas, concerts… catalan traditions that fill the streets on the 24th september. A day, typical to walk through the streets and see “giants” huge figures that recreate different characters of yesteryear, figures who wear their finest clothes to celebrate this holiday in Barcelona, “La Merce”: they delight the citizens with the sounds of their drums, their crowns and necklaces, shining their with their beret as a good catalan.

In short, a day to enjoy the city and its history. Zapata Jewelers encourage you to enjoy and to dazzle “La Merce”! And as the song says: “Alegria, es Festa Major”

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