Like every year arrives the spring and brings the season of the communion with it. Choosing the perfect gift for this occasion is often complicated but jewels are always a good resource. A piece of jewellery lasts forever making that day it is received, unforgettable.

Pendientes oro perla y diamantesIf you like to make a religious gift there are many specific options for this day. Zapata Jewellers offer you a wide range of crosses and medals.

Other options include watches, bracelets, earrings, picture frames or even pens which can all be found in our stores or in our online-shop.

Zapata Jewellers are more than happy to give you some professional advise on your purchase and would also like to help you with endless ideas to make your gift a perfect surprise. In addition there is also the possibility to carve the name and the date into the jewel to make it more personal.



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