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The ruby​​ is the birthstone for those who were born in the month of July. It is considered the power source of life as it is a symbol of health, wisdom, wealth, success and love.

Since ancient times it has been a valuable stone…

Going back in history, Ruby, this valuable gem,  was the sign of power and vitality in antiquity. Warriors, Kings, and Emperors used it as a talisman to protect themselves from the dangers and battles and also to demonstrate their wealth and power.

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 It is women’s favorite thanks to its large proportions

The Ruby, the second hardest mineral, is a very resistant stone. It has very powerful physical properties and is characterized for different shades of colors. Depending on their chemical properties. You can find them in pinkish tones up to Orange, purple or red.

But… do you know which is the most desired and wanted Ruby?

It is the “Pigeon blood”, a Ruby of a pure red color with bluish touches. It is the ultimate stone looking all seductive and charming.

If you want romance, love, happiness, peace and joy in your relationship, the Ruby, is the best gemstone for engagement rings. Indeed, they say that if the love fades, the color of the Ruby loses its original color. So keep your eyes on it!



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