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Diamond purchase guide: Brilliant cut

The cut is one of the most important characteristics of a diamond. Many people, when talking about the cut of the diamond refer to the size of the stone (round, oval, heart, etc…), but among jewellers the cut means symmetry, measuring and angles that each diamond has.alianzas boda

The weight, purity or colour, together with the cut are the variables that influence the value of the stone.

The purpose of this post is to do a course in gemology, to give you some basic knowledge in order to choose the perfect diamond for you that best suits your needs.

The cut is only the manner in which the stone had been carved according to the angles and the resulting proportions. A good cut is essential to achieve the great brightness of the diamond, that it reflects all the light.

If a diamond is badly cut, the light is not reflected properly and the stone will loose its brightness. However, the cut is seen by many gemologists as the most important feature, because the diamond is colourless its clarity should be perfect, if you have a badly cut stone, it will overshadow its brightness.

There are three types of brilliant cut diamonds: very flat, very deep and   perfect cut. In the flat cut the light looses itself in the lower part  of the diamond and looses a lot of its brightness,whereas if its very deep it would loose itself in the pavilion, making the stone darker. The brilliant cut has 57 facets and with the perfect carving, the same amount of light that enters will be reflected in the centre of the diamond and come out as an explosion of brightness and light.

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