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“Heure H” of Hermès

Hermes blends beauty and functionality to make their watches to be the perfect complement. This Parisian firm was founded more than a century ago, working with leather. Six generations helped to convert the firm into the renowned brand that it is today.

Today in our blog we will inform you about the Hermes watch collection Heure H which was designed by Phillipe Mouqueten in 1996 and is also the most representative model of Hermes.

Heure H is an analog quartz watch with Swiss machinery. The collection is divided by the size of the watch, (pm, mm, and tgm), all watches have a H-shaped case with handmade high-quality leather straps with visible stitching on the edges.relojes hermes

Heure H has a classic and elegant style, the leather straps give  a great versatility and make this watch an ideal model fir every occasion.

In Zapata Jewellers you will find them available in brown tones, with a square-shaped steel or gold case, white background and arabic numerals. There are models for both men and women.

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