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Many animal lovers are looking for an item or object that reminds them and makes them feel all the time their greatest passion. The jewelsBocados-2, the ornaments we wear daily, are key to evoke unforgettable moments that we spent with our very best animal friends.

For many people, carrying a memory of their pet or animal is very important. In Zapata Jewelers we think about them, creating jewelry items that invoke your best friends.We create jewelry that identifies the wearer with their passion for their animals!

Inside the “NMA” (Our Best Friends) collection, we have jewelry motives of horses, cats and dogs.

Clauer cavallHandmade and quality jewelry, created with the finest materials and finishes, made with special care to refer lovingly to your dearest pets and animals.

Bracelets, earrings, pendants, keychains …. that will make you feel closer to one of your loved ones are made of gold and sterling silver. They also contain precious stones, crystals, leather and macrame which are the key materials in these wonderful treasures.

This week we present the horse, which is an great inspiration for many artists for its beauty, strength, sensitivity and nobility. A collection of different styles of jewelry, that bring us closer to the equestrian world.

Feel your passion for horses at all times!

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