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My wrist, also in fashion

JOS18556Thousand shoes: high heels, wedge, flat, ballerinas. Colorful bags: on the beach, on the way to the gym and on the trot. Infinite Accessories: necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings… For every moment a complement: and why not also a watch for every occasion?

It is very easy to wear a watch, you just need to find the right one, the precise watch for every moment. Because all in all we have a moment for everything. It seems that when we like most taking care of those small details is in summer, when we have the “handsome” gone, why don’t we give us a “treat time”?

Just make a good choice so you can show off your wrist. And for that reason, in Zapata Jewelers you can find fashion watches, the most groundbreaking and more “trendy” ones. If you let yourself carJOS17866ry away by the latest trends, why don’t you finally also do it with watches?

In Zapata Jewelers, we have a wide collection ideal for you to shine this summer more than ever like a star with one of your accessories: the watch. There are various and diverse models adapted to each occasion, models that will make every moment unique. Watches for every day with what you can boast your wrist at work. There are also more casual watches for more distended moments. Watches which show size and that will make you shine more than ever at dinners and parties in the light of the moon.

Come to Zapata Jewelers and we will tell you which watch suits you most. Before buying a watch you always have to take into account its use. Because you know that you cannot go with high heels to the beach… Or wear an hourglass on the wrist!


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