The sapphire, second most popular gemstone after the diamond. This beautiful gemstone stands for sincerity, happiness, truth and faithfulness.

zafirosThis stone, coming from the latin sapphirus, belongs to the family of the mineral corundum. It is the second hardest mineral (within the Mohs scale,ranging from 1 to 10, the Sapphire has a hardness of 9)with a very heavy weight (between 3.90 and 4.10)due to the minerals that it contains: aluminum, iron and titanium. Furthermore, sapphires are usually transparent and normally have vitreous luster, although in some cases it can have a silky touch.

Gemologists claim that sapphires have fewer inclusions that rubies and emeralds since these are heated to improve their color and transparency. These stones undergo a thermal process to enhance their coloring. For this reason there is a differentiation between natural sapphires that carry iron and have a more reddish fluorescence and the synthetic sapphires which are more inherent with a greenish fluorescence, colored with small amounts of chromium and titanium.

The origin of the sapphires

The main sapphire mines are situated in Kashmir, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, China, India, Vietnam, Madagascar and the United States. It is said that the sapphire is found in deposits of bauxite, rutile and hematite.

What color are Sapphires?

Sapphires have a wide range of colors in their natural state. These gemstones can be found from transparent to more varied coloring (blue, pink, yellow, green, etc). The color, however, depends on its chemical composition. According to their color they can be classified in:


  1. The Water      Sapphire: Characterized by its range and variety of blue colors.
  2. The White      Sapphire: A corundum crystal which is colorless and transparent.
  3. The False      Sapphire: a variety of crystallized quarts that owes its blue color to  inclusions and small individuals of crocidolite.
  4. The Oriental      Sapphire: This Sapphire is valued for its brilliance

The color of the sapphire is one of the main factors that make the price of this mineral. The darker the piece ,the stronger the intensity of the color, the higher will be its economic value.

If we enter into the world of gemology, the most precious color of the sapphire is the bright and intense blue color. In second place we would have gems in pink, yellow, purple,violet and green and finally those that have more cheesy tones.

Sapphire applications in jewelery

The Sapphires are stones ideal for gifts because they are the symbol of peace, wisdom and joy. It can be found in rings, alliances, earrings, pendants, bracelets and brooches. But do you know in which shapes you can find this gemstone?

The Sapphire is a stone that crystallizes into double and hexagonal pyramidal forms. It is normally found in 4 types of shapes: Square cut, Emerald cut (rectangular), oval cut and the oval pear cut (teardrop).

How do you know that a Sapphire is original?

zafiros._Can you already see if a sapphire is original or not? Zapata Jewelers would like to give you 3 tips for when you buy a sapphire to prove that it is not a fake.

  1. First, you      have to request the authenticity of the sapphire so you know its origin.
  2. Then, check      the color and size of the stone (to confirm its economic value).
  3. Look inside,      make sure that it has no bubbles and have a look oat its outside to      examine that it does not have any scratches on its surface. (If it has      bubbles and scratches it is considered not to be a real sapphire).

Zapata Jewelers recommend you to purchase a sapphire at a qualified Jeweler to receive valuable advise, great assistance in choosing the perfect piece for you and also the help to verify the authenticity.

Myths in the history of the sapphire

gemelos zafiThroughout the history the sapphire has been a highly prized and valued stone. Today we see that it is used in jewelry and in some tools that use laser. However this stone has also sentenced other uses in the history of mankind.

-          The Persians believed that the sky was blue and the land was above a huge sapphire and that the sky was the reflection of the color of the stone.

-          In ancient times, the sapphire was used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and to protect themselves on long journeys.

-          Since the ancient times the sapphire has been one of the most favored stones by monarchs and kings. It is one of the main stones that decorate their most esteemed ornaments and jewelery.

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12 comments on “THE SAPPHIRE
  1. Compré un reloj de marca tisstot titanio. en una casa de empeño al reverso dice que es de titanio y cristal de zafiro.
    Mi pregunta
    puede tener un reloj una piedra preciosa como caratula

    • Peta Dunia says:

      Los cristales zafiro utilizados en relojería son sintéticos, se les denomina así por las cualidades de durabilidad y resistencia que ofrecen.

  2. Gustavo says:

    Estimados quisiera que me ayudaran a tasar una gargantilla con supuesto zafiros azules según donde la compre.
    Siendo ignorante del tema es su momento de la compra y hoy fui a tasarlo me dicen que no tienen valor las piedras.

    • Peta Dunia says:

      Para tasar una pieza puede dirigirse a un joyero experimentado, si como dice su ultima tasación las piedras son sinteticas, dirijase donde las compro y que se lo verifiquen. Un saludo

  3. edgar says:

    tengo una piedra tallada en forma circular que mide 10 mm. aparenta ser un zafiro azul que cambia a purpura cuando cambia la luz, mi pregunta es ¿sera original, o ya las hacen sintéticas con esas cualidades?

    • Zapata Joyeros says:

      Hola Edgar,

      Es difícil saber si una piedra es sintética o no sin tenerla en la mano, tendría que consultarlo con un gemólogo para salir de dudas.
      Equipo Zapata

  4. Ana says:

    Hola, tengo un anillo en cuyo certificado consta que la gema es un zafiro, sin embargo no consta la procedencia de éste. ¿Debería constar este dato? ¿Puede ser falso?

    • Zapata Joyeros says:

      Si usted tiene un certificado donde consta que es un zafiro no puede ser falso, su procedencia puede ser de muchos paises.


  5. Freddy valdovinos says:

    Donde puedo conseguir un zafiro azul marino para dije

    • Zapata Joyeros says:


      Normalmente tenemos zafiros ya montados, usted puede preguntar en alguna de nuestras tiendas la posibilidad de comprar piedra sin montar.


  6. Fernando says:

    Hola una cosulta encontre una piedra azul parecida al zafiro como puedo saber si es real o falso

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