If you love the high fashion and jewelry world, tonight from 21:00 to 1:00, during the celebration of the Intenz Diagonal, Zapata jewelers extends dresses and red carpet to receive their friends Elizabeth Arnau and Marius Krmpotic

Here we present the program of the event:

- At 09:30 pm there will be the presentation and acknowledgment of the work of Máquinas del tiempo and the presentation of the work exhibited in L’illa Diagonal of Marius Krmpotic.

- Then, at 10:15 pm there will be the first show of Prêt a porter and  Haute Couture of Elizabeth Arnau and Zapata Jewelers, where the latest trends of fashion and jewelry will be displayed.

- At 10:45 pm It is time for the photocall with the models and all the friends of Zapata Jewelers.

- At 11:30 pm, there will be a second show of Haute Couture Elisabeth Arnau and Zapata Jewelers, followed by a toast to thank all participants and contributors for their presence.

About our friends:

-Elizabeth Arnau is a catalan fashion designer, with headquarters in Barcelona and New York. She will present us in two fashion shows her bright designs of Haute Couture, next to Zapata Jewelers´s jewels.

- Marius Krmpotic  will present us his work about Barcelona and New York.

- Máquina del Tiempo: One of the best magazines of the watch-making sector will accompany us during this brilliant evening.

We hope you will enjoy the evening!

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