Considered as one of the most precious stones of the month August, the peridot is a gem that receives the name “Olivine” or “Plated”. It is also known as the stone of fidelity, love and justice, this gem has always been characterized by its relationship with the magical and mystical world.

To review the historysortija-oro-piedra-color-y-diamantes

In ancient times, the Egyptians called the peridot the “sun stone”. The stone was mostly used by Mayan shamans and priests, Aztecs and Egyptians. The stone was the main part in their rituals. It should help to undo spells or chase away, what the ancients called “evil spirits”. Therefore it was considered the protective aura stone.

A stone with an unique color

The Peridot has a range of colors starting from light yellow green to deep green. Its chromatic scale is always made up of different shades of green with a golden hue. It is said to be a unique stone with a unique color.

Peridots in our jewels

The peridot is the perfect stone to combine with our jewels. This gemstone in our necklaces and bracelets attracts positive thoughts and our rings will improve relationships with others. What are you waiting for? Put aside your rational side and jump into the mystical world. The peridot is the perfect stone for you.


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