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Macramé Bracelets

Today we would like to introduce you the macrame bracelets which are the perfect casual complement for the summer. The macrame, which is the art of making decorative knots, gives endless possibilities to create a beautiful bracelet as there are many different types of knots and colours for the thread. They can have different colours and widths, depending the macrame technique or better said depending the type of the knot.

However, you can combine the macrame with many types of elements, from a piece of gold with precious stones such as rubies or emeralds,to silver plates with religious motives. Thereby, a unique and original touch is given to the bracelet, each of them has its particular style, urban and fresh, making them ideal for everyday’s use.


The knotted bracelets are perfect for spring and summer, you can choose happy and striking colours to combine it with your fashionable and colourful clothes. And if you prefer a more serious touch, you could always go for a darker tone or black. These precious macrame jewels are perfect for every age.

There are for example models with animal motives, ideal trend for kids, there are also bracelets with diamonds for a more adult audience. Although the good thing about macrame is that most of the bracelets are suitable for any age.

If you are thinking of giving a special jewellery gift, or if you just like to find a new complement for this summer, macrame bracelets are the perfect choice. Zapata Jewellers are convinced that you will find the ideal bracelet that meets your taste and needs. Visit our store to see the full range of macrame bracelets.

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