How many times did we ask during the summer if our watches are water resistant?

One of the most common actions between people is to look if the watch has a sign that indicates “water resistant” or “waterproof”, two expressions that reveal that the watch is completely waterproof.

Submersible high-end watches  have a special coating and are equipped with a high security lock to prevent the water to enter. Its material is composed of parts that ensure that it is completely water-proof. In addition, all these watches are governed under ISO standards to certify they are submersible. if you don’t know if your watch is water-resistant or in good condition after a lot of use, contact our Service Department and they will provide you with the answer, after testing them.JOS14517

Send an email to or visit our technical support for watches in the shop of the street Buenos Aires, 60. Our watchmakers will clarify your doubts and if necessary make a tightness test to ensure your watch is in the condition to face the water.

What are the indications that we have to take into account to see if a watch is water resistant and to what point.

1. 30 m (meter) or 3Atm (atmospheres): with this code we must ensure that the watch does not get too wet.

2. 50 m or 5Atm: suitable and resistant to water for showering or bathing.

3. Starting from 100 m or 100 Atm: resistant and submersible to waters oft different depths.

Two tips to keep your watch in good condition:

  • When you immerse the watch in salt water or chlorine, rinse it afterwards with fresh water since the salt or chlorine accelerate the corrosion of the metallic parts of the watch.
  • Keep the watch Crown closed securely and do not press buttons under water.

With wide range of submersible watches, you will enjoy every moment and place of your holidays!! Be sure that your favorite jewel can be submerged under water.


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