Don’t you have a sports watch in your collection?

Tissot, the official Timekeeper of MotoGP, has an entire line of watches linked with the aesthetic world of motorcycling.

Watches that reveal the personality of their pilots, watches that highlight the quality of the bikes, and well, watches that refer  to the competition with the inspiration of the fastest and most exciting disciplines in the world of sports.

About the watches…

reloj-tissot-t-race-moto-gp2013-edicion-limitadaThis year’s Official MotoGP collection, “The Tissot T-Race MotoGP Limited Edition 2013”, consists of two watches. The first watch is composed of a mechanical piece and is powered by the revolutionary C01.211 chronograph movement and is limited to 3.333 units. The second watch is driven by the quartz movement with a production of 8.888 units.

This season, Tissot shines with their revolutionary watches that have a new look: stripes in electric blue, a black strap and visible counters in white. A dynamic aesthetic with an elegant presentation in a helmet-box, which makes this piece an authentic collector’s watch.

Tissot and MotoGP

This vibrant and turbulent rhythm of the competition, is the reason to have a highly qualified watch to calculate and measure the best times of the competitors. This piece, as a reward to the great work, is given to the pilot that reaches the pole position in the race.

Would you also like one of these watches? Would you like to feel like a real MotoGP racer.


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